Large Modern Farmhouse Progress Close Ups

Here are some close ups of the project. At this point the warm grey roof shingles are reading nicely.  Don’t want to go too dark so the shadows will be effective.  There will be a lot of warm white stucco, so here you can see some warm light grey under marks for the stucco.


And here you can see the start of the stately blue-green evergreens in background.



Large Modern Farmhouse Progress 1

IMG_1963.JPGAt the drawing board.  Working on the largest Bainbridge Modern Farmhouse rendering I’ve tackled yet.  Here most of the preliminary pen and ink work and have penciled in background landscaping. Also I’m just starting to render the stone work with various markers leaving gaps along the front for grasses which will be symmetrically placed along the front.

Four Styles, Same Floorplan

Challenge: Portray the same floor plan in four different styles: Craftsman, French Country, Spanish Colonial and Tudor.

What a cool concept from the team at Bainbridge Design Group.  How do we communicate to the viewer the idea that they are looking at essentially the same house but with a different look dependent on the client’s own style preference?  Idea: Keep the trees the same in all four renderings so that it’s obvious it’s the same lot. Let’s see  how to make that work.

So that the focus will remain on the house, I think simple trees, but ones with strong forms will work well. Stay tuned to see the project develop.