The Breakfast Nook

img_2064Doing some more interior Architectural sketching.  This time it’s the breakfast nook. It’s a small area so this little tulip table and chairs fit perfectly in the space. For this sketch I used markers, pen and ink and colored pencils. And this time I moved over to Bristol paper instead of vellum. Lots more layering going on here so the Bristol has the heft to absorb all the medium. It was fun doing some pen and ink crosshatching in the shadow areas too. I like how hand drawn illustrations of an ordinary space are more interesting than photographs.


Interior Practice Sketching

fullsizerenderDoing some sketching from life this evening.  Much of what I do with Architectural Renderings involves tracing, so it’s good for me to keep my eyes sharp and practice drawing from life as often as I can.

I have always liked the entryway room divider in our MidCentury Ranch. It tested my perspective drawing skills.

This is was an experiment too drawing on manmade vellum rather than 100% cotton rag vellum. I prefer the latter as the markers sort of sat on the surface with this. But it was interesting.

By the way, the rug was left plain as I’m hoping for suggestions on what type to put here.  *hint hint*